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It not easy being a pet parent. But the right Dog Doors and Fences sure help!

Having been a dog owner and part-time breeder all my life, I have had my share of frustration and heartache from beloved pets bad behavior and tragic accidents resulting in the loss of pets. That is why I built this site to help others choose the right dog door and dog fence to make living with their pet more enjoyable.

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If you are having trouble keeping your puppy from ruining the neighbors flowers, or you are afraid your wandering canine will be hit by a car - this site can help you find a dog fence alternative to an expensive and ugly (IMO) wood or chain-link fence.


If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night to let your dog out and then waiting around in your slippers until he finishes his business or tired of dirty dog prints all over your sliding patio door every time your dog wants let in - this site can help you find a useful dog door for your pet's convenience and for your sanity.

Dog Doors - who let the dog out?

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Dog Doors are great for the dog and the pet parent!

While they're generally not an issue if you live in an apartment, or have only one puppy, a dog door can be an important question for anyone who lives with a larger or multiple dogs. If you do not want to awake in the middle of the night to let your dog in or out.

Even if your dog spends most its time outside it works well to have a dog door to provide a warm and dry room during more cold or more rainy days. The first thing which you must consider before you begin shopping for dog doors is the size of your dog. While this can seem obvious, if you have a pup you must certainly take into account how much larger the dog will develop in the coming years. Other things which should consider to you are also placement of the door, and if the door will lead to the yard, garage or enclosed porch.

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So What is an Underground Electric Dog Fence?

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You have a dog, and you want to keep it in your yard and out of the neighbor's flowers. You consider putting up a traditional fence, but it costs more than you had imagined or want to spend, and moreover, youíre not excited about a six-foot wall enclosing your scenic yard just to keep your dog from wandering.

Attaching your pet to a post, a tree or even a walker line just seems cruel, not to mention the ugly tangled wires that are strewn about and the worn out grass where the dog paces back and forth in your lawn.

Do you have other options? Yes, you do! Itís nice living in the electronic era, where the underground electric dog fence can be installed, and is invisible to everyone except your pet. An underground dog fence is also known as an invisible barrier. The system is based on a special collar that receives radio signals from a wire buried in the ground or along the base line of a traditional fence or building.The ends of the wire are fixed at a transmitter which is usually placed inside your garage or basement.

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Advantages of an Electric Dog Fence

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The electric dog fence is a great manner of containing your pet without cost of an ugly wood or chainlink dog fence. One afternoon of installation and a few hours of training will teach your pet to remain in your yard while still providing it freedom to wander and play around. The electric dog fence for your dog will also help by maintaining your pet healthy, happy and safe within your designated limits and make your life as a pet parent much easier. With the electric dog fence, you can start to imagine a new easy life with your dog.

Here are some of the advantages you and your dog can obtain to buy an electric dog fence:

  • Electric Dog Fence provides suitable tools for training of dear family pooch.
  • Electric Dog Fence makes it possible to keep your pet to within your limits - so in the yard, as well as out of the garden and pool.
  • Electric Dog Fence for a dog is more accessible than the usual barrier with chains.
  • Electric Dog Fences can be professionally installed or done as a do-it-yourself (Read Do I need Professional or Retail DIY?).
  • Electric Dog Fence for a dog is safer and more animal friendly for your pet than any form of tie-up.
  • Electric Dog Fence for a dog provides freedom for your dog to run and play.
  • Electric Dog Fence keeps you from having your beloved dog phit by a car or go missing.

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Invisible Dog Fence - Going the Professional Install Route

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By far the best experience I have had with containing and protecting my dogs has been to become an Invisible Fence Brand customer. Not only did they take care of all the hard labor of the installation ( I did not enjoy the hours of work I spent installing the first few retail do-it-yourself products I tried out), but they also trained my wild beasts to understand the system way more effectively and quickly than I could have myself.

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Wireless Dog Fence - Dog Proofing the House

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The Wireless Dog Fence is a great thing to have in your house for many reasons. Your pet is welcome in the majority of the parts of the house, but usually there’s parts of you the house that you would like to keep animal-free without raising your voice or installing the ugly gates. You can also effectively keep your pet off the couch, out of the dining room, and far from your food pre and garabage spots in the kitchen. And my all-time favorite - you can keep your dog from the disgusting habit of poking around the cat's litter box.

To work anywhere where you need them, quietly, in fact, and hidden sight. These small portable transmitters broadcast a radio signal to the same collar the dog uses for the outdoor undergound fence (at least with my Invisible Fence Brand system). The systems function with collars of receiver of the program, thus it is a great manner of increasing the value of your hidden purchase of barrier.

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Wireless Dog Fence - Going Wireless Outside Too!

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This system is very similar to the invisible dog fence systems of barrier. The obvious difference between them is that this system is without wire, where the invisible dog fence systems of barrier are based on a buried wire which circulates the perimeter where you want your dog contained.

The other difference is that the Wireless Dog Fence system is not an Invisible Fence Company product - I know what you are thinking - "Wait, didn't he just tell us that he recommends Invisible Fence?" Yes, I do recommend Invisible Fence, but I also found a need for a portable wireless dog fence - and found the perfect one to do the job.

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